Monday, 3 December 2012

 Christmas is coming !
Hooray - it's one of my favourite times of the year and for once I'm well ahead and have made 40 cards, 3 paper wreaths. lots of lovely gift packages and a partridge in a pear tree ! (well perhaps not that one)
So I've gone AWOL lately but I do have a couple of great excuses. First I was booked in for surgery on 29th October, I was all ready for 6 weeks of gentle recuperation that involved lots of crafting and reading.
Then on 27th October we came home after a beautiful autumnal walk to find several fire engines parked outsde. Our neighbours have suffered a catastrophic loss and their house needs a lot of rebuilding. We "only" suffered smoke damage but it mainly affected my craft room so I have spent a few days going through everrything,throwing away all the smelly stuff and taking everything that was in cellophane out of it so I could keep it. It was a rather sobering experience and I found things I couldn't even remember buying. I have now vowed to only buy what I need for the current project. We'll see how long it lasts but on a trip to the Abakhan sale I manged to limit my spending to £6 which was mainly glue sticks for my heat gun so at least I'm off to a good start. Mike also agrees we will be more minimalist but he was not keen when I suggested each of us has a limited amount of space in the loft and we are not allowed to keep more than will fit in it - I suggested 1 square metre but clearly this is a bit restrictive.

The most important thing of course is that no-one was injured and at the end of the day almost everything else is just "stuff". 

Hopefully I'll have some photos for you tomorrow of my paper wreaths once I haved aded the ribbons and buttons to finish them off. 

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