Wednesday, 6 June 2012

 We've had a pretty busy jubilee holiday.

On Sunday we waited in the rain for 5 hours to see the flotilla. It was great as we managed to find a good spot just downriver of Vauxhall bridge and we were on the second row back so got an excellent view. We did bailout before the whole flotilla had passed as it started to absolutely bucket it down and we got too cold. All in all a good day - although the children were not as impressed as i had hoped. 

Then on Monday we attended my father in laws street party - very well organised, lots of games and food so another great day. My favourite was the giant sized connect 4 game - I am the family champion !!! may well be because Mike is totally hopeless  though. 

Yesterday saw is in more rain this time at Thorpe Park where me an the children got very very wet on a ride appropriately named Tidal Wave.  Mike had decided to cycle to Brighton and back and he got even wetted than us!

I keep hoping to fit a bit of crafting in but it just doesn't seem to be happening. 

Here's hoping for some better weather for the end of the week. Maybe if the sun shines we'll squeeze in a trip to Chessington - must get our moneys worth from our merlin annual passes. 


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